Marvel Legends X-Men Legends Box Set

Fans of Marvel’s X-Men series will love this special edition X-Men Legends gift set. Released by Toy Biz in 2003, this legends box set comes with high quality X-Men Legends characters and 4 “X” logo stands for display purposes.

Excellent figure that is highly poseable. He can even stand on one hand! Includes a pair of glasses and lab coat. He is Dr. Henry McCoy after all.

Same figure as the Marvel Legends 4 Gambit figure but with a better paint job. Pleather overcoat resembles his comic counterpart to a T.

Same figure as Marvel Legends 3 Magneto, but new head sculpt with the helmet. A definite improvement over the original.

Exclusive figure that can only be purchased in this set. Looks like she stepped right out of the pages of a comic book. This is only way to have her as Toy Biz never released her as a single piece.

Unmasked variant version of the Marvel Legends 3 Wolverine figure. Excellent figure as he is the tallest of the bunch.

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