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Buy a 5-Disc DVD and CD Player

For those of you who’d still like to watch your DVD movies or listen to CDs because well, you have a huge collection of physical media from back in the day and you haven’t fully bought into the streaming services yet, you can get a quality multi-disc player used. Manufacturers are not really making new multi 5 or 6 disc DVD and CD players anymore. And for those few out there, it’s quite expensive.

Why not get a used one off of EBay or Craigslist. There are plenty of people or online merchants that still offer good to very good condition DVD players. The best part is these DVD players that would have cost you hundreds of dollars in the past will only cost you around $50 now, depending on the brand and model.

Panasonic is one brand that made quality DVD and CD players in the heyday of physical digital media. We recently acquired the Panasonic DVD-CV51 5-Disc DVD/Video CD/CD changer for about $40 on EBay. This disc players offers component video, S-video and RCA video output along with RCA and optical audio output. With digital optical output, you can enjoy 5.1 surround sound from your DVD movies. One output you will not get with most multi disc DVD players is HDMI. Hope you still have a component compatible receiver or TV laying around. The beauty of this player is that it can double as a 5 disc CD player. The disc tray is carousel style and allows you to open and change discs while still playing a disc. Another feature of this player is it can also play MP3 songs off of CD or DVD disc. For less than $50, this is well worth owning and enjoying in the ever changing digital media world.