Transformers Identification and Price Guide Book

The Transformers Identification and Price Guide book by Mark Bellomo is the best resource there is for Transformers G1 and G2 collectors. Released on April 25, 2007, the paperback edition contains 256 pages and retailed for $24.95. It is chock-full of Transformers toys from 1984 through to the end of the line in 1990. Page after page of original Transformers are photographed and neatly organized into proper series and sequence. The book presents each toy that is appealing to both the fan and collector. It’s by the far the most complete Transformers price guide out there. The real market price of classic Transformers toys depend on supply and demand, but the book gives you a nice starting point. Even if you’re not a collector, you are guaranteed to experience a warm fuzzy feeling while browsing through the pictures.

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Looking for a downloadable pdf version of the Transformers price guide? Please go buy the book and support the writer. This is a fantastic guide. You won’t regret purchasing it! You can also preview and read the book by going to Google Books or Amazon.

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Book Description
Transformers: Identification and Price Guide is the ultimate reference for all Generation One (G1) Transformers figures released from 1984 – 1990. Featuring more than 1,200 color photographs, this unparalleled guide presents every character in robot and alternate modes with accessories.

Individual character biographies are presented from the original Tech Specs and also include function, personal motto, and ability scores. Notes on character history – as presented in the Sunbow cartoon series and Marvel comic books – are complemented by expert commentary on character attributes and popularity on today’s secondary market. Current values for all figures in varying condition grades assist collectors in determining the value of their collections.

Collectors, toy dealers, casual fans, and everyone who staged basement battles between the heroic Autobots and the evil Deceptions need an accurate identification and price guide to decipher the more than 300 G1 Transformers toys produced from 1984 – 1993. This is the definitive reference for your favorite “Robots in Disguise!”

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