Super Bright Rechargeable LED Lantern for Camping or Emergencies

Power outages are no fun. If you’re an avid camper, you know you need a reliable portable lights. Wilderness can be pretty dark at night. Looking for a super bright LED lantern that’s versatile for camping light or emergency purposes? We’ve got one for you.

The TORCHSTAR Portable LED Camping Lantern is the perfect solution for your emergency and outdoor needs. Heck, it’s handy to have around the house if you need to walk at night or when you are visiting family and friends and have to park your car where there are no street lights. This LED light lantern is by far more versatile than a traditional flashlight.

Let’s look at what this battery powered LED lantern offers.

It has 4 lighting modes. Using it on high mode, you get lighting at about 1000 lumens. That’s one of the brightest lantern lights available, giving you about 3 hours of continuous light at the high mode. That’s pretty darn good. You can also toggle to use the medium and low mode, which will give you about 700 lumens and 300 lumens of light and about 6 and 12 hours of usage respectively.

Because the lantern is rechargeable, has a 4400mAh battery pack and a USB port, it also acts as a power bank which you can charge your portable phone. That’s pretty cool. Use it as a light source or portable power bank.

It’s waterproof, meaning no problem if it gets wet from rain. This is a great feature when you’re out camping. You don’t need to worry about where you leave the lantern.

It comes with with D rings that you can use to carry the lantern right side up and hang it upside down. With anti-skid rubber housing, this lantern lamp won’t slip on wet or slippery surfaces.

Product description
Essential for outdoor activities and emergency. With 46 ultra-bright SMD LEDs in the lampshade, 4 different working modes and double hooks design, this USB battery lantern provides ideal illumination performance, swift and tight hanging in camping, hiking, fishing, trip, emergencies, walking dog, etc.

High quality & considerate design:
• 46 high quality SMD LED chips, high energy efficiency and low heat dissipation.
• 360 degrees beam angle, lighting up the dark environment evenly, consistently, widely.
• With USB port, convenient to recharge your lantern with USB cable.
• 4400mAh power capacity battery, used as an emergency power bank, in case you get lost in the jungle.
• 3 months maximum stand-by period without considering the brightness.
• Two stable D-rings, metal handle on the top while the D-shape hook on the bottom, liberate your hands.
• The built-in indicator light emits green light every 3sec, which remind users the light position in darkness. The indicator light will remain flashing in the dark, and can’t be turned off.
• ABS plus anti-skid rubber housing, provides certain protections in case lantern falls from 4.92ft.
• Brightness could be smoothly adjusted by long pressing the power button to fulfill your demands.

Four lighting modes
1st press for Medium, 2nd press for Low, 3rd press for High, 4th press for Flash. Lighting time of 4 modes after being fully charged:
• High Mode – 46LEDs – 1000lm – Warm White, ≥ 3 hours
• Medium Mode – 42LEDs – 700lm – Warm White, ≥ 6 hours
• Low Mode – 4LEDs – 300lm – Cool White, ≥ 12 hours
• Flash Mode – 46LEDs – 1000lm – Warm White, ≥ 8 hours

Voltage: 5V DC
Service Life: 100,000 hrs
Working temp.: 32℉-122℉
Waterproof Rating: IP44
Beam angle: 360°
Warranty: 12 months
Dimmable: yes
Housing Color: green & black
Material: ABS & anti-skid rubber