Ecovacs Robotics Deebot Slim 2 (& Marvel Edition) Review

Ecovacs Robotics’ Deebot Slim 2 robotic vacuum cleaner is a simple robot vacuum that does a great job of handling our mundane task of sweeping. It’s not a Roomba, but it works pretty darn well at a fraction of the price. It’s only $129 on Amazon for 2018 Black Friday and Cyber Monday week.

This is one of the lowest profile robotic vacuums on the market so you have a better chance of this little fellow being able to reach underneath your couches and furniture. This version is designed to vacuum bare floor surfaces so if you have a lot of carpet, it will not. But for those with hardwood floors, it works perfectly.

Out of the box, Deebot Slim 2 is super easy to set up. The brushes are color coded, one red and one green. Just pop it in. You also get an extra replacement set in the box. The dry mop add-on snaps into the back of the vacuum. Again, you simply snap it into place. After you put the battery into the remote, it’s ready to go. You should charge the vacuum before you put it to use but if it already has some battery power left, switch it to On position at the bottom and then press the main button to automatically gets it going. You can press the main button to toggle between pause and go. There really isn’t any setup necessary to use it in auto mode.

With the remote, you can tell it to run or pause, go home to the charger, go into edging mode or spot cleaning mode. If you want more advanced and remote connection functionality, download the ECOVACS app. You’ll need to sign up with an account. From there, you’ll add your vacuum and connect it to your 2.4ghz wifi network. You have the same commands as you would have on the physical remote, but you also have additional functionalities like rotating your vacuum to point to a certain direction, scheduler option and the ability to check battery status, all via the app. In fact, you can monitor and control your vacuum remotely when you’re not home. Pretty neat at this price range.

When the vacuum starts to run out of power, it will automatically go back to the charger. In real world testing, it does have a hard time navigating through different obstacles and rooms to find where the charging station is. Because there is no mapping capability, it does not know where it actually is so it goes around randomly trying to find a line of sight signal from the charging station.

Is this the top of the line robot vacuum that comes with all the bells and whistles? No, definitely not. It tends to get stuck on rugs or furniture that’s just low enough for it to kind of go under but not low enough where it has a clear pass. But for a little over $100, you get a robot vacuum cleaner that works pretty darn well at sweeping and sucking up floor debris. It comes with remotely connectivity and a physical remote, and it’s super easy to setup and run. This is definitely a great little robot to have around your house.


Check out the Slim2 Marvel Captain America Edition! It’s the same robot vacuum as the regular Slim 2 but with Cap’s red, white and blue shield design. We have not been able to find where you can purchase one in the US, but love the idea that this exist somewhere.

Product description
With 110 minutes of run time and the lowest height in the market, this little workhorse will make short work of your hardwood floors, even in larger homes and apartments. And it still has your favorite DEEBOT features such as tangle-free suction, dry mopping, and the ability to start your DEEBOT away from home any time with our app.

• Low-profile design allows access to more areas
• Capable of cleaning hair, dirt and debris
• Selective cleaning modes for various messes
• Total control in your pocket

Dust Capacity: 0.1 gal
Cleaning Method: Dry
Cleaner Type: Robotic
Dust Collection: Bagless
Maximum Noise Level: 60 dB
Power Type: rechargeable lithium batteries
Battery Capacity: 2600 mAh
Full Charge Time: 4 hour(s)
Operating Time: 110 min
Width x Depth X height : 12.2 in x 12.2 in x 2.2 in
Weight: 4.85 lbs
Included Tools: buffing pad, microfibre pad (2x), side brush (4x)