Does MyQ Work With Alexa or Google Assistant?

MyQ enabled garage door openers can be controlled with Google Assistant but not Alexa. In order to use it with Amazon Alexa, you need an intermediary service like IFTTT. However, there is direct integration with Google Assistant so that you can use voice command with Google Home, or assistant on your devices.

To setup MyQ with Google Assistant, start assistant, and then say “talk to MyQ”. Then it will ask you to authenticate with your MyQ account username and password. Once linked, you can ask for status or ask it to open and close your garage door by saying something like “Ask MyQ to close [Garage]”. Garage is the name given to your garage door in the MyQ app. Now you can open or close your garage door by asking you Google Home, your Android Wear OS smartwatch or mobile phone.

Link myQ to Google Assistant