Funko Popsies List

funko popsies cover

The Funko Popsies line from Funko provides you with the chance to share special moments with the people you love. At press of a button, and up pops a greeting message in a little bubble. The Popsies are priced at $6.98 each. Funko Popsies list […]

Marvel Comics Movies All-Time List

Marvel Comics contains some of the biggest franchises in the superhero universe, including Spider-man and X-Men, to the Avengers. When it comes to adapting these stories to the cinematic screen, several film companies have taken turn producing Marvel superhero movies. The recent establishment of the […]

Tidal HiFi Lossless Music Streaming

Tidal hifi lossless music streaming

There are numerous music streaming services that offer lossless FLAC quality songs to enjoy. They include Amazon Music HD, Deezer, Qobuz and Tidal. Both Amazon Music HD and Tidal have comparable pricing. If you already have Alexa supported devices, then go with Amazon Music HD. […]