10 Top Comic Maker Apps for Your Phone

Comic maker comics collage

Creating a comic or graphic novel with your kids is a fun and educational activity that sparks their creativity and gives you insight into their thoughts. By channeling their imagination into pictures and words, you’ll be able to capture their unique ideas and characters. We’ve selected apps for comic book makers in this list to make it easy for you and your children to get started. Teaching kids to make comics nurtures their creativity and imagination in a medium where being silly or imperfect is encouraged. Let’s explore the endless possibilities of storytelling together! But first, learn about how to start creating comics.

#1 Comic & Meme Creator

To start your project in this app, simply log in with your email or Facebook. Then, create a meaningful story using frames. Each frame can be enhanced with people, objects, backgrounds, memes, effects, and more. Plus, there are 8 different text areas for character dialogue. When you’re finished, preview your comic in slideshow mode before saving it to the common folder.

#2 Pixton

Create engaging, interactive comic book storyboards with Pixton! Perfect for teachers and students, this app platform offers a unique way to explore a variety of subjects, from Math to English, Art, and more. With a wide selection of avatars, backgrounds, text, and themes to choose from, you can customize your comic strip with ease. Plus, you can choose from popular content like The Hunger Games or The Outsiders, as well as topics like the solar system, black history, and the environment – all Common Core aligned. Perfect for artists of all levels, Pixton is the go-to comic app for anyone looking to tell their own story.

#3 Comic Maker

Create your own comics with ease using the free Comic Maker app for Android. With a variety of photo filters, adding a comic effect to your photos is simple. You can even add speech balloons and choose from over 100 comic-oriented stickers to bring your story to life. When you’re done, export your creation as an image. Download Comic Maker today and unleash your creativity!

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#4 Anitales

If you’re in search of an entertaining and user-friendly app that sparks creativity, look no further! This app boasts an adorable and sleek design, and allows you to create a variety of scenes and roles. Plus, you can personalize graphics and sound effects to your liking. Want to switch up the weather or sky in your story? No worries, this app has got you covered. The ambient background music is also sure to entice you. Although the app is quite big, the limitless imaginative potential it provides makes it well worth the download.

#5 Comics Head

Create your own engaging and unique comics with Comics Head, the ultimate comic creator app for ages 8-18! Designed for today’s savvy students, this app from Next Wave Multimedia offers endless possibilities for creative expression through graphic novels, comic books, and cartoons. Choose from multiple layouts, tons of props, custom text options, and customization tools to create quirky, informative comics or professional storyboards. And with the ability to share your creations, this app is perfect for use across the curriculum. Plus, the Asset Store offers thousands of new illustrations to enhance your comics, including Sci-Fi, animal expressions, food, symbols, and more. Don’t miss out on one of the best free apps for kids!

#6 Comica

Create your own comic strips with ease using Comica – a free app for Android! Transform your photos with various comic effects and add speech balloons for that finishing touch. Whether you decide to use photos from your gallery or snap new ones with your camera, the app allows you to experiment with different effects until you find the perfect one. Once your comic strip is complete, you can export it as an image file. Download Comica today and start creating your own comics!

#7 Rage Comic Maker!

Attention iOS users! Get ready to create the most amazing rage comics with this app. Featuring a plethora of features, this app is the ultimate rage comic maker you need. With hundreds of readymade rage faces and the ability to import your own pictures, the creative possibilities are endless. You can also add colored text and customize your rage faces with props like mustaches and glasses. This innovative and distinguished app is a must-have for creating your own unique rage illustrations. Download now and let the fun begin!

#8 Comic Life

Create your own comic book with ease using Comic Life! This user-friendly app offers both templates and the option to start from scratch. Customize your story with photos, shapes, text, and speech bubbles to fit your unique style. With many font options similar to professionally made comics, your storytelling will truly come to life. Once your masterpiece is complete, choose from multiple sharing options such as printing, saving to your camera roll, transferring to other devices, or saving as a PDF and easily opening in iBooks. Discover why many consider Comic Life the ultimate comic creator app.

#9 Canva

Unleash your students’ creativity with Canva for EDU’s comic strip maker. Whether telling a fictional story or demonstrating nonfiction content, comics are a fun and engaging way to express ideas. With thousands of graphical elements to choose from, including speech bubbles, characters, and backgrounds, students can easily bring their stories to life. They can start from scratch, select the number of panels, add characters and props, and even print their completed comic strips. Get your students excited about storytelling with Canva for EDU’s comic strip maker.
#10 Cartoon Comic Strip Maker

Attention all comic book enthusiasts! Introducing Cartoon Comic Strip Maker, the perfect free app for creating your own customized comic strips on Android. Choose from a variety of cartoon characters and backgrounds to bring your stories to life. With easy-to-use features like speech balloons, exporting as an image, and a simple storyboard, you’ll be creating professional-looking comic strips in no time. Download Cartoon Comic Strip Maker and unleash your creativity today!


These ten comic strip maker apps are perfect for giving students an exciting and engaging way to express their ideas. Whether you want your students to create informational comics, or storyboards, or just have a bit of fun, these apps offer something for everyone. With tools that range from simple drag-and-drop functions to customizing options with props and text, you can create the comic you want.