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How to Watch TV & Listen to Music at Simultaneously Through Your Receiver

Is it possible to watch TV and listen to music simultaneously through your AV receiver? Yes of course. There are two ways to do it. One is built in and another requires a work-around that may not be optimal especially if you’re using your receiver’s HDMI ARC functionality.

Yamaha home theater receivers have a built-in function called “Video Out”, which is applicable to audio sources, like AUX, bluetooth, tuner, or USB. This means you can select a video source to play in the background while listening to your music, podcast, or any different audio source you have hooked up to the receiver. If you have a Roku or Fire TV streaming device connected to any of the HDMI or AV ports, then you can select the appropriate video out port for your audio source, thus allowing you to watch TV and listen to music at the same time.

Without the Video Out feature in your receiver, you will need to connect an optical cable from your TV to your receiver or utilize the HDMI ARC port. When you want to listen to music, just switch to the appropriate audio source, like AUX or CD for example. This essentially stops your receiver from playing audio from the TV or streaming device. While not the most elegant way of switch audio source, this works. However, you do lose the ability to run video through your receiver while listening to music as the TV will display the audio-only source which means a blank screen with the source displayed. For more modern receivers that have HDMI and HDCP 2.2 ports, you will not be able to connect video to HDMI and listen to music at the same time without a Video Out feature.