Fossil Q Wander Smartwatch Specs & Review

Released in late 2016, Fossil Q Wander 2nd generation watch is part of the Fossil Q series Android Wear smartwatches. Fossil is traditionally known as a fashion watch maker so they knows what fashion is, how fashion works, and how fashion sells. That is evident in the Fossil Q Wander. The Q Wander is a casual-looking but gorgeous smartwatch, designed with clean lines and elegant-shaped wire lugs. In other words, very stylish!

The face of the watch has the flat tire display. On the right side of the case, there is a single physical button. The other side has a speaker grill. This smartwatch can track your steps, distance, and calories. The watch specs are excellent. It’s very responsive and in general, no lag. You can upgrade the watch OS to Android Wear 2.0 which is a huge improvement over the original release of 1.5. Once upgraded to Android Wear 2.0, it becomes a very usable watch for all you Apple iPhone owners out there. While yes, the Fossil Q smartwatches are iPhone compatible, it’s a lesser experience when compared to its Android counterpart or compared to an Apple Watch.

One of the coolest features of the Fossil Q Wander is that it has a microphone and speaker. Theoretically, this should allow you to make calls through your watch via your phone. To do this, you need to check the bluetooth audio option on your Android phone in Settings -> Bluetooth -> Your device. This option is not available on Apple iOS. To date, the audio experience has received less than stellar reviews. There is an echo when taking calls through the watch. Let’s hope this gets fixed soon.

There are six versions to choose from:

List of Features (from

Remember, all the features are available if you have an android phone. If you’re using an Apple iPhone, some features will not work, but you should have basic functionalities, like notifications. Your watch apps will also be limited to what Apple allows. For example, if you’re using an iPhone, Apple Health app can’t be connected and Google Fit data will not sync with your account even though the watch itself can connect to the internet.

Touchscreen Functionality
Emails, calls, messages— right at your fingertips.

Activity Tracking
Track your everyday accomplishments: steps, distance (select styles only) and calories burned.

Customizable Watch Straps
Match your Fossil Q to your look in seconds with interchangeable straps.

LED Flashlight
Illuminate the interior of a carry-all or small area with the LED flashlight.

Smartphone Notifications
Be notified of important texts, calls and app updates—all from your wrist.

Microphone + Speaker
Use the built-in microphone and speaker to do a variety of tasks on your smartwatch using just your voice.

Alarm Clock
Whether it’s a vibration or audible alert, set an alarm for wake-ups and workouts (and every reminder in between).

Wireless Charging
Effortlessly charge your Fossil Q by placing it on the inductive charging magnet. No plugging or unplugging of cables required.

Customizable Watch Faces
Customize the face of your Fossil Q Touchscreen Smartwatch anytime you want. Simply choose a Fossil or Android Wear™ design, adjust the colors, then add the complications to your watch face.

Control Your Music
Control your music with your phone’s selected music player whether it’s Spotify, Pandora, Soundcloud, Google Play, iTunes or Apple Music.

Auto-Update Time/Date
When traveling to another time zone, your Fossil Q automatically updates to the correct local date and time.

Wireless Syncing
Automatically syncs to your phone so you can keep tabs on your activity and notifications without ever pushing a button.


OS: Android Wear 2.0 (Preloaded with Android Wear 1.5, upgradeable to 2.0)
Processor: Snapdragon 2100
RAM: 512MB
Internal Storage: 4GB
Display: 1.42-inch 320×290
Battery: 360mAh
Protection: IP67
Measurements: Width 45mm, Height thickness 13.5mm
Band size: 22mm
Heart Rate: No
Touchscreen: Yes

Product Details

Activity Tracking: Built In Fitness Tracker
Notifications: Social Media, Text, Email, App Alerts, Multiple Time Zones, Alarm Clock, Calendar Alerts
Functions: Personalize Your Dial, Control Your Music, Voice Activated Google, LED Flashlight, Google Maps Enabled, Interchangeable Watch Band
Connectivity: Bluetooth® Smart Enabled, 4.1 Low Energy, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
Compatibility: Android™ OS 4.3+ or iPhone 5 (iOS 9+)

Watch Setup

When setting up your watch, 2 things to remember- you need to charge it at 20% before you can pair it with your phone and you need at least 80% battery to upgrade the OS.

How to set up your Fossil Q smartwatch video

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