The Top 3 Comic-Con Destinations In 2023

Comic books on shelf

Comic-Con is among the most impactful ways to bring fans of different films, TV shows, and comics together worldwide. The first Comic-Con took place in New York City in 1964, and the movement grew considerably in the following years. Originally stemming from comic book lovers and their passion for Marvel Comics, the popularity of the conventions soon took off and have since covered over 100 different individual themes, films, and genres. So, let’s take a look at the top three destinations for Comic-Cons this year.

1. Nevada, Las Vegas

As far as landmark destinations within America are concerned, few can hold a candle to Las Vegas. The whole premise and design of the city was a foundation of entertainment, from the world’s top performers doing residencies in a variety of luxurious casinos and hotels that litter the strip to it becoming the focal point of American gambling for over half a century. Although many states have modernized their gambling laws, allowing millions of people to play casino games like poker and roulette from their homes via mobile devices, Vegas still draws billions of dollars in gambling revenue annually. One of the critical reasons for this is their commitment to hosting events that will bring in people from all over the world, which is why multiple Comic-Con conventions take place in the Nevada desert.

For instance, one of the other reasons why so many gamers still prefer to travel to Vegas instead of playing casino games at home is because of the surroundings and environment of Las Vegas. While live casino gaming for real money might be a more convenient avenue to play, for ardent gamblers who enjoy a weekend in Vegas, there’s no way of replicating it. Once you throw in the added incentive of going to some of the top sporting, music events, or Comic-Con conventions, you begin to see why America’s gambling capital also has much more going for it than some might initially expect.

2. New York City, New York

New York is one of the few cities in America with a global stature. People associate so many things with The Big Apple. It is the home of finance, has provided some incredible backdrops to iconic and unforgettable movies and TV, and is considered a world city that many people associate with the US regardless of where they are.

Given that it was home to the first-ever convention, it would be ridiculous not to include it as one of the top 3 destinations. However, it brings a lot more to the table, too. It’s not just there through nostalgia but for the quality and consistency of the conventions in the iconic East Coast city. Not only is it the oldest, but it is still the biggest in terms of attendees. The NY Comic-Con brings together fans of multiple genres instead of just honing in on one character, film, or TV series. This broad net that it casts out brings in so many fans, and it is considered the most significant date in the entire Comic-Con schedule.

3. London, United Kingdom

England’s capital city is similar to The Big Apple across the pond. It is renowned for its global finance and is considered the hub of UK arts, movies, and film. It is home to exceptionally wealthy individuals, much like New York, boasting more millionaires despite being considerably smaller in size and population. This concentration of wealth and the respect that London has on a global scale makes it a prime destination for the convention.

Although conventions now occur all over the UK and the rest of Europe, London is nicely positioned between America and Europe and acts as a middle ground to bring in fans from across the continent. By expanding into multiple continents, the convention has been able to draw in a much broader audience, and now that the internet acts as a foundation to stream the highlights and broadcast the appeal to millions of people worldwide, Comic-Cons are now colossal news, especially for TV shows that are relevant and incredibly popular or successful.

In the early 2010s, it was Game Of Thrones and Breaking Bad, and more recently, shows like Better Call Saul have brought in huge numbers as standalone conventions. All of these shows have had a Comic-Con over the years. Now that the world is continually more interconnected, many of these shows will tour multiple cities as they understand the power of Comic-Con and the energy of bringing big fans together as a community.

Final Thoughts

Cramming just three cities into this list was difficult. You could make a good case for a dozen cities being part of this list. San Diego is one that narrowly missed out to London. After careful deliberation, it felt slightly unfair to put three US cities in there for a concept that is so beloved by millions globally. As the idea continues to branch out into more movies, films, and comics, with new angles continuing to keep it fresh, more cities will aim to join the illustrious list of those who already have an annual convention that generates millions of dollars for each city per year.