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Ultimate Roku Guide

Roku streaming players are the most popular digital media players in the streaming age. A Roku streaming device gets its streaming video and audio data via a wired or Wi-Fi internet connection. The data is output via a audio & video cables, or HDMI cable to your TV or any video display device like monitors or computers.

The Roku players runs on Roku OS, which is a modified version of Linux. Released in late 2014, Roku TVs have the Roku OS built into the TV itself so you no longer need a separate streaming device to use the Roku interface.

Just like your smartphone has an app store for mobile applications, you can access the Roku Channel Store on your Roku streaming player or Roku TV to add channels. These channels are essentially apps that will launch video or audio content from the content provider.

Roku FAQs

How much is Roku?
Currently, the lowest costing Roku streaming player is the Roku Express, which costs $29.99. On the high end, the Roku Ultra costs $99.99. The most economical Roku player is it’s streaming stick, offering the best value and speed. The Roku Streaming Stick is at $49.99 while the 4K version costs $69.99. Check out Roku’s product page for all your options.

You can also buy a Roku TV. In this case, the cost is zero as the player is built into the TV itself.

Do you need internet for Roku?
Absolutely! No internet means no streaming. Simple as that.

Is there a monthly fee for Roku?
Roku is an operating system so no, there is NO monthly fees for using Roku players. However, premium channels, like Netflix or Sling TV will require a subscription fee. They are separate services that give you content access. You’ll need to subscribe to the channels via their own website. Once you’ve completed your subscription, you can log into your Roku players to watch.

How much do Roku channels cost?
Because Roku itself does not provide content (except for the recently launched The Roku Channel which is free), it depends on the channel itself. Some Roku channels are free while others require a subscription fee. Remember, Roku is just an OS where you have access to content. The content provider itself decides if you should pay or not. For example, if you subscribe to Netflix for $9.99 a month, you can watch Netflix using your phone, computer, laptop and most streaming devices, including Roku. And if you don’t subscribe to Netflix, then you wouldn’t be able to watch the Netflix channel on Roku.

What channels are free on Roku?
For a list of free channels, you can search through Roku’s free channel guide.

Can I create a Roku account without credit card?
The answer is yes! While you need to set up a Roku account in order to use your Roku device, many people are turned off by the fact you can’t skip entering your credit card or paypal information on the sign up process. What Roku doesn’t want to tell you is that there is a way around it even though their support page says you must enter your credit info. You should sign up for an account on a web browser first. When you get to the credit card part, close your browser and then log back in. Your account information has been created and now you have full access without entering your credit info.

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