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Nest Protect Wi-Fi Setup Help

Nest, who was acquired by Google in 2014, takes smoke and carbon monoxide alarms to the home automation level with its Nest Protect product. The wifi smoke detector tests itself automatically every night. Its battery lasts a whole decade. It tells you what is wrong. The best part- it alerts your phone when you have the Nest app setup. You can check its status wherever you are, giving you the piece of mind you always wanted.

The smoke and carbon monoxide detection alarm will work without an internet connection, but what’s the point of connectivity if it’s not wired? Plus, you will not be able to check on your device status when not at home. Because of the complexity of home wifi networks and different setup possibilities, many users have experienced issues when trying to connect Nest Protect to their networks. We’re here to help you with common wifi set up problems.

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Multi-access point wifi setup issue
If you’re still having issues connecting to the wifi, do you have more than one wifi access point at your home? Nest Protect gets confused when there are multiple access point, like a wifi bridge or extender. Unpower all your wifi bridges and leave the main router powered. Connect Nest Protect first with just your router active. Afterwards, you can turn back on the rest of your wifi extenders.

Wifi reset
When you change your router, the only way to reconnect Protect to your new router is by using the same network and password, or by resetting it. To reset your Nest Protect, hold the button until you hear the version number. Then quickly release the button. You will hear a countdown message that will reset the wifi connection. You can always cancel by pressing the button once before the countdown finishes. Now you can reconnect the device to your wifi by following directions on the mobile app.

Nest troubleshooting pages
Check with Nest’s support site for troubleshooting wifi connections and wifi setup issues.


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