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Moto TurboPower Pack Mod Review

The nice things about having a Motorola Z line phone is the ability to add Moto Mods. The best one in our opinion is the Moto TurboPower battery pack mod. After all, we are all too attached to our mobile phones and who wouldn’t want a little extra juice.

At the MSRP price of $79.99 (it was discounted to $59.99 from 2/4/2018 to 2/10/2018 on, you get 3490mAh of extra battery power, which instantly add an extra day of battery life to your phone. This battery pack holds more than your typical Moto phone in some cases. For example, the Moto Z2 Play’s battery capacity is 3000mAh.

The TurboPower pack is super easy to put on your Moto Z phone. Simply slap it on the back. You can use the Moto Mods manager to turn the battery pack on and off. In Efficiency Mode, it’ll start charging automatically if your phone battery is below 80% by drip charging. If your battery power is above 80%, it won’t start charging unless you turn the pack on. The notification panel gives you a nice view of how much juice is left in the battery pack and the charging status.

The nice thing about this version of the battery pack mod compared to previous versions is that you can charge the pack separately or attached to the phone. There is a USB-C connector on the side. The same USB-C cable you use to charge your Moto Z phone will work perfectly. There are 4 LED lights on the back which will show you how much battery you left on the pack.

This battery pack Moto Mod has a nice textured soft-touch back which feels great in the hand. It also makes it harder for it to slip out of your hand.

Overall, it beats carrying a power bank. No extra wires needed to get that extra battery juice. It’s a small price to pay for people who travel a lot or are just power users.

Product specifications

  • Instantly adds an extra day of battery life
  • Snap it on to add 3490 mAh of power* to your phone
  • Up to 15W of power† revs up your phone’s battery on the go, at blazing fast speeds
  • Becomes one with your phone. Snap and go. No bulk. No fuss.
  • When the power pack runs out of juice, simply plug it in to recharge up to 50% capacity in just 20 minutes.‡ It’s USB-C compatible, just like your phone.
  • Moto TurboPower™ Pack is compatible with any phone in the Moto Z Family.
  • Add hours of power to your power pack or phone, in minutes, with a TurboPower™ 30W wall charger.

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