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It’s Awesome, It’s Cool, We’re Talking About Headphones

Music headphones have been popularized by athletes and movie stars. They are fashion accessories now. We no longer want boring looking headphones that does the job. Why can’t they sound good, and look good too? They can.

The best looking and sounding headphones, in our opinion, contains natural wood ear-cups. Why you ask? Because wood is the preferred choice in music instruments. It has specific acoustic properties that can’t be replicated by plastic or metal. It produces a natural warm tone, suitable for all kinds of music. The deciding factor that puts wood over the top is of course- aesthetics. It’s easier on the eye. It’s elegant. It’s stylish. Since we are talking about “cool looking”, wood headphones is the only choice. Add a little stainless accent for durability and you can enjoy your new pair of headphones in style. And oh yeah, the sound is pretty darn good too!

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