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AnyMote Universal Remote Control App Setup, Tips & Tricks

AnyMote can be your smart universal remote control app, replacing your existing physical and app remotes. The company first launched on Kickstater and made a physical IR blaster. Since then, it has decide to concentrate on the software-side of the business. The app itself to free to try, but comes with ads and only allow you to add one remote type. You pay $6.99 for the pro version which disables ads and gives you full functionality. While the app itself is quite robust and cumbersome to setup, you do have a lot of options to make your smart entertainment experience better.

Download and install the app from Google Play or Apple store on your mobile device or tablet. Go to App Settings and start with “Add Remote”. From there you can choose available remote options.

Support devices
AnyMote supports a wide range of devices. If you have an IR blaster, you can control almost any electronic devices that uses infrared remotes. Here are a list of brands that it supports on wifi. This gives you control over these devices without an IR blaster.
Smart TVs
• Samsung Smart TVs
• LG Smart TVs
• Panasonic TVs
• Sony TVs
• Philips TVs
• Sharp TV
AV Receivers
• Denon Receivers
• Onkyo Receivers
• Yamaha Receivers
Smart Devices
• Belkin Wemo
• Philips Hue Lights
• LifX Lights
• Limitless LED (also known as EasyBulb)
• TP Link Smart Plugs
• Orvibo Smart Plugs (also known as Bauhn, Arlec, Bayit, Litexim, Itian)
• MiLight Smart Bulbs
Media devices
• VLC Media Player
• Roku Media Player
• Fire TV
• iTunes 10+
• Apple TV
• Kodi (XBMC)
• Plex
• Boxee
• DirecTV
• Freebox
• Amiko A3
• Insteon
• TiVo
• Android TV (Google’s version: Nexus Player, Sony TVs, etc.)
• Music Player Daemon
• Western Digital Live
• Systemline S7
• RealVNC (useful for controlling a computer with AnyMote over WiFi)
• Sonos Speakers

Alexa integration
If you have an Amazon Echo or Alexa-enabled device, you can use voice commands to trigger your remote actions. Setup is easy. Under App Settings, tap Amazon Echo (Alexa). Tell your echo device the phrase shown on the screen. Programming will do the rest as it will pair your Amazon account to your app. If this doesn’t work, you can always pair again. The voice commands have to be very specific to get the remote to work. Be sure to read the FAQ page on how to properly talk to AnyMote using Alexa.

The real power behind AnyMote is the ability to add macros. Macros are sequences which you can program that will complete with one tap or one voice command using Alexa. Now you can turn on your TV, navigate to the Sling TV on your Roku, select the right input on your AV receiver and turn off the lights on Wemo switches with the tap of one button. You can even use macros within macros, allowing you even greater options. This option can get cumbersome to configure and will require you to spend time playing around to learn the features. Learn how to use macros here.